Weight Loss and the Commensurate Volume Loss

Here is a little weight-loss motivation for you:

The volume of human body fat, and the volume of water or comparable liquid, ounce by ounce are roughly the same. Actually human fat is less dense than water, this is why people with more body fat can float.

Stay with me, here:
One pound of human fat is 3,500 calories. That is about the volume of a 16 oz beverage. Think a 16 oz bottle of of Snapple. A pint of beer. One of those beer cans slightly larger than a standard twelve ounce can (they’re usually in a 4 pack).

If you lose a pound, that’s how much mass your body has lost. Not too shabby, eh? You’re one Snapple bottle smaller. Think about the size of a Snapple bottle.

Now, let’s say, between diet and exercise you maintained a deficit of 600-800 calories per day. That means every two days, you would lose over 6 ounces of fat.
That’s about the size of a V8 can. Every two days, you get smaller by a V8 can.

Every 4 days you get smaller by a beer can (12 oz)

And every week you get smaller by one of those 20 oz coke bottles.

Every month, you get smaller by a milk carton.

And every 2 months you get smaller by a 1 gallon milk jug.

A milk jug is pretty damn big!

2 months to lose a milk jug off your mass is pretty damn good!


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