Would You Punch Brock Turner In the Head for $5 and 18 Hours in Jail? By God, I Would!

I’m a little late on the bandwagon with this, but I have shared this sentiment with a few of my friends regarding the Brock Turner case and his joke of a sentence. This is my take:

First off, get a good look at him. Lots of pics of him floating around. So get a good look. Take in his little rapey eyes, and his shit-eating smirk. Remember what he looks like. Commit it to memory. Remember his name.
He was sentenced to 6 months in jail; he’ll be out in three. So you may be seeing him on the street soon. And if and you are physically able, punch him in the face. Hard. A good solid sock to the face. Upper cut, jab, hook or haymaker, up to you. Knock him down. If he walks away from it with a shiner or a broken nose so much the better.

That’s assault. In the state of California, that will get you a maximum of 6 months in jail or $1,000 fine. But don’t worry, you won’t serve or pay anywhere near that.

You see, under the logic of Brock Turner’s sentencing, people apparently get sentenced to 1/240th of what they should get.
He took advantage of a woman’s incapacitation to violently rape her. He lied about it repeatedly, and has shown zero remorse. He blames everybody and everything except the one person who fully is the one to blame: himself. By rights, that should merit 60 years hard time in a place like San Quentin or Pelican Bay (California’s worst prison). However, he got 6 months. He’ll be out in 3.

That’s 1/240th of the sentence he rightfully should have gotten.
Under that same logic, if you punch the dirty little shitfucker, worst case scenario, you’ll get 1/240th of 6 months in jail. What does that work out to? 18 hours.

18 hours: a delayed flight, a long work shift, a long road trip. Not even a day. You could go into jail at 6 AM, and be out by midnight. Not bad. Sit on a bench for a few hours, eat a couple of shitty jail meals, watch some bad TV, and be home in time to sleep in your bed.

Would you take a poke at this little fucker for 18 hours? By God I would! I’m sure I could set aside 18 spare hours!

You might get fined. What is 1/240th of the maximum fine of $1000? Works out to be $4 and change. Let’s make it an even 5 bucks. Would you punch him in the head for the price of a beverage at Starbucks, less than the price of a movie, a pint of Sam Adams, a gallon and a half of gas?

Go on….. you know you want to. Look at the little bastard. Isn’t he just begging to be punched? I’m sure there are plenty of people who have 18 hours and a spare $5 lying around to blow off a little steam on his smirking face. Have at it!

Since he didn’t get an appropriate prison sentence, doesn’t he deserve to be a human punching bag for a little while? So perhaps he might learn what it is to be assaulted? Learn a little humility? Learn that nobody gives a shit how fast you can swim if you can’t be a decent human being, which as a bare, bald minimum involves not committing sexual assault? Since he is so thick-skulled he can’t accept the gravity of his offense, perhaps knock a little sense into him?
After all, since according to the sentencing logic used on Mr. Turner you’d only get 1/240th of what you should get!

Eh… forget it. That sentencing logic only applies if you are a privileged kid on an athletic team at a fancy college. Peons like us would end up getting the full six months and paying the full 1K. I don’t want to see you going to jail or paying $1,000. This worthless little bugger is exactly that. Worthless. Certainly not worth 6 months in jail. Plus, I don’t want be guilty of inciting violence.

In fact the cruel irony is that if you or I took a poke at him, we probably would serve more time than he would. For rape.

But what you can do is subject him to the wrath of public censure. In this day and age, that’s easy: Look at all the political memes floating around. We know what this guy looks like. We know his name! We have all the resources to make this guy persona non grata wherever he goes.

I am not suggesting death threats or harassment against him or his family. Just remember him And don’t give him the time of day. Stay within the confines of the law. If he walks into your place of business, kick him out. If he applies to your institution of higher learning, reject his application. If you are his classmate or co worker, refuse to work with him. If you end up being his boss,fire him. Believe me, you can find a reason.

This is the guy who raped an unconscious woman on the ground, and failed to take even the slightest modicum of responsibility for it. And if he thinks he should just get to go on whith his life after he finishes his measly 3 month sentence, he should think again.

We should be watching him. This is what he is, now: A rapist. And that’s all he is now and the onus is on him to prove himself anything more. Don’t hold your breath. He has failed to so so thus far. What has he contributed to society besides his ability to swim fast and rape women? He can’t even man up and accept responsibility for the black eye he gave the world. Until he makes amends, atones, and makes an effort, however half-assed, to clean up the mess he made and proves himself more, all he will be is a rapist. The rightful recipient of the world’s scorn and contempt. Let him go forth into the world as such.

And if you want to take a poke at him, I won’t think any less of you. I might even buy you a drink. Just don’t get caught!