All the Things that are No More…

I should write a sad song about all my favorite foods that have been discontinued.

Like the Chobani Meze yogurt dip.
Or the Evol breakfast cups.
Or the Amy’s non-vegan breakfast burrito. NON(!!!) vegan.
Or Kashi pizza

I should write a sadder song about the closing of

A tragic dirge of the discontinuation of Hypno Skates (inline skates where the wheel chassis is detachable from the boot)

A requiem mass for the Scooba.

A weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth laden song about the death of Midwest Airlines, and the impending death of Virgin America.

A 90s grunge whine song about the end of Ban Clear for Men.

A nostalgic elegy for Prell Conditioner

A tearful lament about CBGB

A song entitled “O Garden Cafe, Why Hast thou Forsaken Me?”

OR perhaps I should write a cautionary tale called:
“If You Like Something, You Better Hope Rob Doesn’t Like It Too or It Will Get Discontinued or Shut Down”


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