Bad Colloquialisms of the English Language


A: Referring to a container as a “thing”.
EXAMPLE: I got a thing of cereal. There’s a thing of wine in the fridge. We need to buy a new thing of toothpaste etc

Would it kill you to say box, bottle or tube? How much effort would that take?

B: Vocal “Chords”.
There is no such thing as a vocal “chord”. I know you draw the connection between “chord” as a musical term, and your vocal “cord” as the instrument that produces the music, but your vocal CORDS are exactly that. Cords. Like your spinal cord, or your umbilical cord, or an extension cord.

I have seen well written articles in music publications and respectable news sources where that mistake has escaped the editor.

You do not have vocal “chords”. You have vocal CORDS!

C: “You guys”
Except in the most casual of settings, “you guys” is a totally inappropriate form of address. It is overly casual, and isn’t gender correct.
Among the many ways Sean Spicer rubs me the wrong way, his constant use of “You Guys” makes me want to throw him across the room. You don’t say that to members of the media and press, most of whom have credentials that could buy and sell you.

D: “Binge Watch”
Bingeing is a very unhealthy thing to do, and is a compulsion that indicates serious health problems, both psychological and physical.

It is inappropriate to use it to mean “watch a lot of Netflix”.

Not only is it inaccurate, it makes light of a very serious problem; it downplays the seriousness of the health problems that cause it.

E: “Politically Correct”.
The only people who use the term these days are those who want to sneer at the notion that we don’t get to wantonly insult, disenfranchise or marginalize groups of people.

The actual concept, although verbally cumbersome was well founded: the language you use to describe something says a lot.

Sometimes the terms coined were a bit much, but the intent was noble. You should avoid using language that could be insulting to groups. You might need to change your vocabulary every now and then. What’s wrong with that.

It is time to retire the term “politically correct” because people are abusing it.

However the concept should not only continue, but thrive.


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